The adidas Stan Smith is the tennis shoe to end them all — the pimple outsole and trio of perforations in lieu of stripes points to a classic, first introduced at the dawn of the '70s, using the legendary Robert Haillet's model as the basis. A strange turn-of-events by the standards of current signature shoes (it's certainly more extreme than, it was a quainter time for footwear, and like so many seminal adidas designs, this shoe has been through a fair few incarnations— embroidered tongues, a stubbier look and sequels flooding the high street were just the tip of the iceberg, but at its cleanest, like this perfect vintage cut, it's a wardrobe necessity. These premium versions of the Stan keep the clean looks but apply reptile pattern heel tabs and 3M treatments that make them get flashy in the right light.

Style Code: M17918

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