They Are On Fire... Nice Kicks & Shawn Kemp Have Come Together To Celebrate The Reebok Kamikaze!

Nice Kicks is known for being the “The Original Conversation”. With that known, we wanted to story tell about Shawn Kemp being one of the most explosive professional basketball players the sport has ever known. His rim rattling dunks and on court charisma earned him the nickname, The Reign Man. Reebok was so taken with Kemp’s skill and popularity that in 1994 they gave him his own signature shoe, The Reebok Kamikaze.

Shop Nice Kicks and Reebok are honoring Kemp and the Kamikaze with a collaboration that pays homage to the brand, the athlete, and the cherished nostalgia our culture has for classic video games. Shop Nice Kicks brought in the icon himself, Shawn Kemp, to help celebrate the release. Kemp took part in a photo shoot exclusively for Shop Nice Kicks. He was also interviewed by the Nice Kicks team about what the relationship with Reebok means to him and his career.

We present to you,

Nice Kicks x Reebok Kamikaze II Low "Jam"

About Nice Kicks: Established in 2010, Nice Kicks was created as a venue where fashion, music, and art coexist. Our mission is to enrich culture and fashion through consciously curated collaborations and initiatives. In addition to collaborations with iconic brands, Nice Kicks continues to develop story-telling moments through our inhouse label. For Nice Kicks, the elevation of our collective culture reigns above all else.

About Reebok: Reebok was founded in England, in 1981. The founders, a pair of brothers, Joe and Jeff Foster, came from a long family tradition of making athletic footwear. Reebok from the start made sneakers for a wide variety of sports and activities. Those activities include training, running, weightlifting and more. The 1980s and 1990s was when Reebok truly rose to prominence. The shoes they produced in those years are some of the most iconic styles of all time. Reebok produced memorable designs for basketball, tennis, and track. Its relationship with basketball star, Allen Iverson, is arguably its most important asset. The Iverson signature models are still in demand to this day. Other shoes of note include the Club C 85 and the Pump Omni.

About Shawn Kemp: Shawn Kemp is one of the most beloved basketball stars of all time. He is known worldwide for his iconic slam dunks and unmatched power on the court. Shawn Kemp stepped into the league in the 1989-1990 season. He quickly made the highlight reels with his captivating play and showmanship. The youth of today still watches his breathtaking plays on YouTube. Shawn Kemp is a living legend in the sports world